Frequently Asked Questions

No.  We are published by Kosmic Kabbalah Press. Amazon does not give the option for thick eco-friendly paper in their print on demand service.  Right now we are available on our website as well as a few select bookstores. Please have your local bookstore contact us at to order copies.

Our business is here in Israel. We bank in Israel and the conversion rate from Shekels to Dollars changes daily quite a bit.  So we stay consistent with Shekels because that is what we use. There is a conversion rate calculator on the website that will tell you the day’s rate.  We also put the approximate cost in dollars there as well.

It differs for each card. You have to ask your credit card company. Usually around 3% but it varies. 

So in Israel the sales tax is automatically included in the price. Because we are based in Israel we pay 17% sales tax on every book we sell.  This is included in the 80 Shekel price. 

We do not save any of your Credit Card information nor does the company we use(Payplus).  We do not share your private information with anyone.

Everyone we have shipped to so far has told us between 8-10 days, but we say 2-4 weeks. We use Ecopost which is very fast and secure with a tracking number.

Yes if you would like us to ship to different addresses for gifts and such we can do that as well. Feel free to email us for special arrangements at

As of right now we are shipping all of our books from Israel. So the best way to order is in sets of three.  If we go over the weight of three books the shipping cost almost doubles.  We are working on getting a fulfillment center in the U.S. that will make the shipping much cheaper.

We appreciate your patience and support!  We are happy to answer any questions you have and speak to you on the phone to help assist you.  Please feel free to email us at and leave your phone number and the best time to call you in your time zone.